Tell All Tuesdays

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It’s Tell All Tuesdays! A time for readers to share some of their funny / disgusting / embarrassing and silly confessions. Here are a few of my faves from this week (grab a cup of tea and brace yourselves) …

I’ve pretended to be on the phone and to not have seen someone I know, to avoid talking to them…more than once.
-@Faybee1990 via Twitter

One time I told a guy my friend had herpes because I thought it was funny.
-@Sophiasmudge via Twitter

I once texted my mates mum from his mobile saying “I may need to marry my girlfriend, she is pregnant. I don’t know what to do.” She called my mate ten minutes later in tears and cried down the phone at him.
-Anon via Facebook

I often get bored at house-parties so try to find the most interesting place to pee. Sometimes I pee in the sink with the door unlocked just to see if someone will catch me.
-Anon via Facebook

A snake once bit my nipple…ouch.
-@Chrisjewell92 via Twitter

When I was younger I went on a school trip to France, got food poisoning, and pooed on the floor of our hotel room.
-Anon via Facebook

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