Top five disastrous dates !

Gabriela Camerotti / / CC BY-NC

Disastrous dates; we’ve all had them. Whether it’s that flamed face moment when you call him by your ex’s name or the heart -stopping horror of dropping dessert down your painstakingly perfect outfit, we all have a story to share.

Here Teacup Conversation have compiled a top five list of readers cringe-worthy date low-lights. In no particular order, here they are, the very best of the very worst!

 1. A series of unfortunate events! Rupert, 21, Essex

I’d been helping out at some charity events at my local rugby club when I met a gorgeous blonde. We hit it off straight away and began texting and chatting on MSN most nights. Eventually we arranged to meet up.  It took a 20-minute bus journey to get to hers just to collect her and get on a bus back together to mine.  I arrived in her area early so decided to go and visit my mum to kill some time as she worked just around the corner. However, after 20 questions, she wanted to know what I was doing. When I told her I was meeting a girl, she insisted that her assistant drive me to pick her up and take her back to mine. Awkward! I was already feeling uncomfortable at the weird start, but things took a further strange twist when an hour later she got a phone call letting her know that her grandma’s dog had died. She cried hysterically for 20 minutes – I had no idea what to say to her!

On the second date things were starting to get interesting between us when she received a phone call from a family member letting her know that her grandma had passed away!  After all the drama and the uncomfortable start, romance didn’t bloom and, needless to say, there wasn’t a third date! Well, they do say bad things happen in threes, and I just couldn’t take the risk!

2. Food for thought (but not for eating) Anon, 20, Essex

I’d arranged a date with a nice guy, and was really looking forward to it. However, the dentist decided that the only time he could fit me in for a filling was a few hours before the date (unlucky, but I thought it’d be okay.)

Unfortunately, I turned up at the restaurant with a completely numb mouth, and looking like I’d suffered from a stroke – not the look I had hoped to pull off. I couldn’t eat anything which was a shame as we were at my favourite Indian restaurant. I managed about two mouthfuls because I was so paranoid about dribbling everywhere! Not only did I not eat, but conversation was stilted and I barely said a word as when I spoke it sounded like I had a lisp!

Kissing at the end of the night was equally awkward as I could only feel one side of my mouth. Overall the most uncomfortable date I’ve ever been on and definitely not very full-filling!

3.  Silence isn’t golden! Laura Clothier, 19, Brighton

My boyfriend at the time and I had been planning a special dinner date and trip to the cinema for around a week. Getting all dolled up, I was excited for the occasion, which was supposed to be my little treat for him. When the day arrived, we caught the bus in to town, but unfortunately got into a silly argument. My boyfriend stubbornly told me not to pay for him and, although I insisted I pay, he repeatedly refused, telling me that he would get his own. When we got to the cinema, I bought my ticket, minus his, to which he crossly said, “You didn’t buy mine then? It was a test; if you were a good girlfriend you would’ve just gone ahead and done it!” I couldn’t believe it, but what made matters worse was that he then barely spoke to me for the rest of the date, including when we went to dinner after the film! Needless to say that relationship didn’t stand the test of time!

4. What’s my name? Anon, 21, Essex

I met Lydia at college; a petite, well-dressed girl with bleached blonde hair, she was just my type. We hit it off straight away and decided to go up to London for a date.  We had a great time whilst we were there except – I kept forgetting her name! I called her about six different names including Linda, Lola, Amie and Georgie. The first time I called her Linda she ignored it, giving me a strange look – I suppose Lydia and Linda are pretty similar. The second time she snapped at me: “Get it right!” The third time she ignored it, obviously feeling pretty awkward. At the end of the night, I gave her a phone call after dropping her off, and for the sixth time that evening I called her by the wrong name. She went absolutely ballistic at me! I felt so bad for forgetting her name time and time again, cringe!

5. Exotic fantasies, disappointing realities! Danielle Elton, 24, Essex

I’d been talking to a cute Lebanese guy named Rowan for a while; we’d met on Plenty of Fish and had finally decided to go for a drink together. On the day of the date we met at Spoons. To calm my nerves I had a few too many drinks. However, as Rowan was driving, he didn’t drink and remained sober. Desperate to get me back to his place, he promised me more wine – an offer I couldn’t refuse. However, when we got back to his place, all he had was ketchup and protein powder – weird! I found myself doubting if it even really was his flat, as the decor was seriously out-dated and reminded me of something you’d find in a nursing home! I thought it was weird that he’d lied to me, but he was a cute guy and I was more than a little tipsy and I felt like a bit of naughty fun. However, he was as dysfunctional in that area as his strange flat and odd lies! Not quite the exotic night I’d hoped for!

Do you have any disastrous date experiences? Why not share them with Teacup Conversation! Email for more details. 


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