Tell all Tuesdays


teacup shh

It’s that time again! Tell all Tuesdays has rolled around, and with it comes a new batch of confessions! Get comfy and curl up with a cup of tea, it’s about to get real!

Once I was chewing gum at school and a teacher told me to spit it out so I spat it out into her hand…awkward!
-Charliebear93 via Twitter

I once thought it was a good idea to shave my eyebrows..ended up with seriously wonky brows!
-Faybee1990 via Twitter

In junior school I once cut my whole fringe off for a dare…. Was left with just prickly bits of hair at the top of my head.
-Jaz Kirby via Facebook

I once spat in my sisters cereal…and then watched as she ate it.
-Anon via Facebook

I used to hate smoking because of how bad it is for you. Because of this, I once hid all of my dads cigarettes…I am now a dirty smoker myself. Oops!
-Anon via Facebook

When I was younger, I thought the Honey Monster was god!
-SarahHammil1 via Twitter

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