Tell All Tuesdays

teacup shh

Yes it’s that time of the week once again; teas at the ready for Tell all Tuesdays!

I once stole my sisters barbie, and put my action man and said barbie in the missionary position, Then my dad walked in.. and that’s when I had ‘The talk’. Awkward.
-Anon via Facebook

I’m a girl and I tell people I wax or bleach my upper lip… But in reality I shave like a man!
-Anon via Facebook

As a kid, I ate my Yorkie Easter egg, then set fire to the truck box just to see the cardboard driver burn!
@mattphelps75 via Twitter

I was talking to someone & turned around to find that they had gone & I was actually talking to a stranger! Cringey.
-@Faybee1990 via Twitter

I once convinced my friend to dump his girlfriend because she wasn’t a very nice person. Once he had dumped her I tried to get with her!
-Anon via Facebook

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