Tell All Tuesdays

This weeks Tell all Tuesdays…but with a little twist!



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8 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesdays

  1. Hahaa! I fucking love your bus book!!!! Amazing!… And I I used to read my horoscope too. It’s terrible, but my friend’s a numerologist and whenever I meet a guy I like, he sends me on a secret mission to find his full name and date of birth so he can read our compatibility. The scary part is, I take it with a pinch of salt, but he always happens to be right. God… I hope the guy I’m dating doesn’t read this.. :-/ Hahaa!
    You’re awesome. 🙂 xxx

    • Haha, thank you! Just me being a petty little so and so. Ha 🙂 Ohh dear, it’s a slippery slope ! There’s this online site that has loads of horoscopes and numerology things. And a compatibility test which includes typing in the names of two parties. I definitely spend way too much time on there (which is probably more than I should admit to!) But I totally get that. Maybe it’s a woman thing? Haha xxx

      • Yeah definitely! We used to do this thing in school where you add up the letters in each others names to work out what percent your love is… This is all clearly just an advanced version! It’s interesting, but I find them all pretty universal, like an alternative psychology! Us women to love to analyse and question everything dont we?! 😉
        Your vid is really good. 🙂 xxx

      • We did that too! & yes this is pretty much the same thing but with less maths involved 😛 haha. I think that’s it actually. I LOVE over analysing everything, I’m constantly reading between the lines – terrible! But it is interesting. Thank you Suzie, I really appreciate that. Was a bit nervous to give vlogging a try, but I gave it a shot! Can’t wait to see what you come with, and the others – I’m so nosy I love seeing everyone’s blogs- perhaps that should have been one of my confessions 😛 🙂 xxx

      • Awww… You’re too adorable. I totally understand that- I think most of us ladies are guilty over- analysing, especially when we get together! I’ve been known to seek male perspective from time, to time for that very reason. Lol. You’re welcome, really enjoyable hun. You should definitely do it again! Xxx

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