Tell All Tuesdays

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To make up for last weeks lack of reader confessions, this weeks Tell All Tuesdays is an extra long post, filled with more entertaining truths than ever before. As always, grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

I once chased a fox with a kitchen knife because it killed my rabbit.

Saw knife throwing on TV. Thought I would try it with darts. Cousins leg bled a lot.

– @mattphelps75 via Twitter

I pilfered a ball from the ball pool at Kidzmania in Hackney the other day. It was the only purple one.

Just tip-toed past a blind woman to see if she could still detect me.

-@DanSung via Twitter

I still use my knife and fork the wrong way round (in the wrong hands) even though I’m now 22 years old.

When I was little my Dad convinced me that my belly button could be undone and my insides would fall out.

-@Faybee1990 via Twitter

For some reason when I’m home alone I end up doing Heather Small impressions at the top of my voice.

-Anon via Facebook

Up until recently I thought Gammon was a fish.

I’m a genius at getting things for free, I hardly pay for anything

-@SarahHammil1 via Twitter

I hid my bf James flip flops when I was tidying up cause they’re ugly and when he asked if I’d seen them I lied…

I talk to my doggies when no ones there so I feel like I have friends.

I secretly plan ways to kill someone if they annoy me to make myself feel better.

@Charliebear93 via Twitter

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