Cheating boyfriend slept with my daughter and my sister.

*Shelly, 40, Essex
as told to Yasmine Blackman

I’d been out of the interviewing game for awhile. Life had its usual funny way of throwing the unexpected at me, and, sitting down on a particularly uncomfortable wooden chair, I worried that myself and my conversational partner would have trouble getting her story out there. I shouldn’t have worried. Bubbly *Shelly ordered us both a whipped cream and marshamallowy hot chocolate affair. Talking a mile a minute I knew I had the story my readers had been waiting so eagerly for…

*Shelly thought she had met the man of her dreams, but cheating Dave made her see double.

Curling up on the sofa with my man *Dave, 34, I felt like the luckiest woman alive. At 40 years old and a single mother for the past ten years, I thought I’d never find romance again.  Then, four weeks ago at the local pub, a mate of mine introduced me to *Dave.  Six years my junior and with bulging muscles and tanned skin I couldn’t resist. We flirted all night over a bottle of bubbly and he told me he was a brick layer who had just come out of a bad relationship. I told him about my family and my bad history with men. We bonded over our love of West Ham united and Chinese takeaways. Later that night *Dave took me back to his, where we tumbled in to bed for a hot night of steamy passion.

Four weeks on and I was smitten. *Dave felt the same way, and had already moved in on the second week of us dating. Sounds quick, I know, but our relationship was a whirl wind of a romance and besides, why wait when I wasn’t getting any younger? The pair of us were happy with the arrangement, and quickly slipped in to a routine. We made passionate love every night, Thursdays we’d order in a takeaway and in the evenings we’d curl up on the sofa and watch the telly. There was just one problem. *Sasha, my 17 year old daughter.

*Sasha wasn’t keen on *Dave and often told me she thought he was a “creeper.” She refused to accept that I loved him, and was furious when he moved in. So furious that she moved out, to crash on a mates sofa. For the first time, my relationship with *Sasha became rocky. She would yell down the phone “it’s me or him! You have to pick!” But hoping that *Sasha would calm down and see sense I tried not to cause too much drama.

Weeks passed and* Dave and I were in a happy romantic bliss, but relations with *Sasha hadn’t improved. I began to slip in to a depression, barely moving from the couch and eating fatty junk foods. *Dave became concerned.

“Love you need to get some help.” He said. “Why don’t you invite your sister around? Maybe you can talk it over with her and see what she thinks? At the very least you can have a bit of a laugh.”

*Daves idea was perfect! Seeing my older sister *Janice was just what I needed. At 42 years old, *Janice had always been the sensible older sister whom I had gone to for fashion tips as a teen. We had remained close throughout our adult hood, calling each other on a weekly basis to catch up on the goss. I hadn’t spoken to her since just after I’d got with* Dave though, being too busy juggling my relationship and my worries about my daughter. It would be perfect to have her over, fill her in and see if she had any advice for me.  Beaming, I kissed *Dave “excellent idea babe!”

A week later, *Janice came over in the evening.  She gave me a big squeeze “I’ve missed you!”  we spent an hour catching up on each other’s lives, filling in all the details and eating takeaway pizza. It was just like being a teenager again. At 8 o’clock,* Dave arrived home from his brick layers job. *Dave greeted *Janice with a warm hug and a peck on the cheek. She turned to me and winked her sign of  approval. “He’s a bit nice” she whispered whilst he was in the kitchen. “A bit nice and a bit mine!” I laughed.  *Dave came in to the living room with a bottle of wine “what are you girls laughing at ?” he grinned.

We spent the evening drinking wine and having a laugh, *Janice really seemed to be taking a shine to my man, she flirted endlessly, and I began to get a little fed up. “You look tired love, perhaps you should lay down?” *Dave said. “I’ll drop *Janice off after Britain’s Got Talent.” Feeling tired and headachey I decided to head to bed.

At around 1am I woke up to strange sounds coming from the living room. Feeling sleepy and confused I padded down the stairs to see what was happening, perhaps *Dave has left the telly on I thought. But as I pushed open the living room door, what I saw horrified me. My own sister and my boyfriend where at it on the couch like a pair of wild animals.

Seeing red I flung myself at *Dave. “You bastard!” I screamed, raining down punches on his face. *Janice shot up off the sofa, flushing red. “It’s not what it looked like!” She began sobbing. But I knew what I’d seen. “Get out!” I screamed at her. “I never want to see you again!” *Janice left in tears. I turned to *Dave. “And you can sleep on the sofa; we’ll talk about this tomorrow!”

I felt hurt and betrayed, but I loved *Dave, and I wanted to give things another go, so the next morning we had a little chat. *Dave apologised over and over again, but I told him he’d need to do much more than that to make it up to me. After all, I had caught him sleeping with my sister!

Later on I was getting dolled up to go for a nice Chinese meal with *Dave, spritzing on my Juicy Couture perfume I was starting to feel a little better, most relationships have a little blip, we could make this work. Then the phone rang, it was *Sasha.

“I’ve heard about aunty *Janice.” She sounded angry. “I hope you’ve shown him the door now!”

I tried to explain to *Sasha that in adult relationships it’s best to give people a second chance, but *Sasha was furious.

“This isn’t his second chance, it’s his third! He slept with me a few days after he met you!” She spat.

My head was spinning. Was *Sasha really telling me that my boyfriend had not only slept my sister but my 17 year old daughter as well? I just couldn’t believe it!

“No, he wouldn’t do that to me!” I hung up the phone, and sat down in a daze. “Ready love?” *Dave called from the hallway. I didn’t even know what to think, let alone say, so I stumbled after *Dave and out in to the car.

At the restaurant though, I felt like I was choking on my Chow Mein. “What’s wrong love?” *Dave asked, sensing that I had things on my mind.

I couldn’t take it any longer “*Sasha says you’ve slept with her…” I blurted out. *Dave went pale, a prawn dropping from his mouth. In that instant, I knew *Sasha was telling the truth.

“You bloody bastard!” I screamed, hurling my noodles to the floor. I didn’t care that I was making a scene, I was furious. My knight in shining armour was really just a dirty old git who’d been making his rounds through my family.

“I never want to see you again!” Storming out I burst in to floods of tears, I felt so betrayed by the people I loved the most.

Over the next few weeks *Dave bombarded with me apologetic texts, but I never want to see him, *Janice or *Sasha  again. They all betrayed me in the worst possible way. Well, you know what they say, two’s company, three’s a crowd, and that’s a crowd I don’t want to be anywhere near.

Teacup rating:fivetea


2 thoughts on “Cheating boyfriend slept with my daughter and my sister.

  1. That’s what you get for being a bitch to your daughter next time listen to her and put her before anyone else familiys family and no man should ruin that we’ll that’s your fault and I guess you should have stoped after your daughter moved out but I guess you were just horny and forgot about your daughter and oh we’ll it sucks to suck.

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