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Alcohol ruined my relationship

Amy, 21,Bradford
as told to Yasmine Blackman

Amy loved her fiancé, but he loved alcohol. Could they get past their problems and make it work? Grab a calming cup of chamomile and read on…

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Cheating boyfriend slept with my daughter and my sister.

*Shelly, 40, Essex
as told to Yasmine Blackman

I’d been out of the interviewing game for awhile. Life had its usual funny way of throwing the unexpected at me, and, sitting down on a particularly uncomfortable wooden chair, I worried that myself and my conversational partner would have trouble getting her story out there. I shouldn’t have worried. Bubbly *Shelly ordered us both a whipped cream and marshamallowy hot chocolate affair. Talking a mile a minute I knew I had the story my readers had been waiting so eagerly for…

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A Week of Mental Health and Disability…Aspergers

Teacup Conversation is spending a week interviewing various people on the topic of Mental Health and Disability, in the hopes to shed light on the lives and experiences of those who are affected.

Today’s topic is Aspergers. autism.org. describes Aspergers as:  “a form of autism, which is a lifelong disability that affects how a person makes sense of the world, processes information and relates to other people. Autism is often described as a ‘spectrum disorder’ because the condition affects people in many different ways and to varying degrees.” Continue reading

Teacup Conversation investigates; Cheating in an age of technology

AndYaDontStop / Foter.com / CC BY

With big name celebrities such as Kristen Stewart hitting the headlines over their infidelities, we begin to wonder if cheating has become a socially accepted norm. Is cheating in relationships really as prolific as we are led to believe? Teacup Conversation investigates… Continue reading

Sharm el shaken

Anonymous, 23
as told to Yasmine Blackman

I wasn’t surprised when my companion didn’t opt for the exotic Long Island iced tea offered on the tea parlours menu, and instead went for something a little closer to home.  After a not quite holiday from hell, a Yorkshire brew was just what she needed…

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