Cheating boyfriend slept with my daughter and my sister.

*Shelly, 40, Essex
as told to Yasmine Blackman

I’d been out of the interviewing game for awhile. Life had its usual funny way of throwing the unexpected at me, and, sitting down on a particularly uncomfortable wooden chair, I worried that myself and my conversational partner would have trouble getting her story out there. I shouldn’t have worried. Bubbly *Shelly ordered us both a whipped cream and marshamallowy hot chocolate affair. Talking a mile a minute I knew I had the story my readers had been waiting so eagerly for…

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Teacup Conversation investigates; Cheating in an age of technology

AndYaDontStop / / CC BY

With big name celebrities such as Kristen Stewart hitting the headlines over their infidelities, we begin to wonder if cheating has become a socially accepted norm. Is cheating in relationships really as prolific as we are led to believe? Teacup Conversation investigates… Continue reading